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Extend Your Practice Goodwill

More Patients.
Better Connected.

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XpertClinic is a Digital Clinic that can be Personalised for the individual needs of Doctors and Healthcare Clinics. It is ideal for Blended Healthcare Delivery i.e. a mix of online and in-clinic services. Whether  you are starting new or already have an established practice, XpertClinic provides you with a personalised  digital platform for your in-clinic and online patients.  This includes  MCI compliant reporting & prescriptions, EMR, billing and payment, video consultation and practice calendar  . It even has a built in cloud PACS in case you require radiology and DICOM Imaging support.

1) What do you mean by Personalised Digital Clinic ?

We personalise XpertClinic to your clinic requirements on branding, service names and types of services, reporting and prescription templates and payment gateway settings. We also provide you with your unique and personalised URL Link which can be used on your website, social media posts, QR code or simply as a signature link on your email. XpertClinic allows you to set your own calendar availability , patient consultation slots and service pricing both for national and international patients.

2) What EMR capabilities do you provide ?

XpertClinic provides full cloud based EMR capabilities that allows 24 x 7 access to patient and clinic data .This also includes

  • Chat archive of all the conversations done with the patient
  • All medical data that patient may have shared with you
  • Any personal notes or video recording that you may have made during your consultations
  • Storage of data up to 7 years. Extensions can be requrested
XpertClinic also allows you to ‘Import’ relevant medical records from any existing system you might be using as needed.

3) How can I track my payment transactions and invoice patients ?

XpertClinic allows you to track all the transactions including payment and consultation status on a dashboard, real time. You can even download reports for your reference if required as a CSV file. It also allows you to generate and send the invoice directly to patients. You may also log into your payment gateway account for additional details.

4) What kind of PACS do you provide ?

We provide full cloud PACS facility which allows you to exchange and view large DICOM studies like CT, MRI, USD etc. using the built-in web viewer. Images can also be downloaded for viewing them in any external 3rd party viewer of your choice.

5) How secure is the data on XpertClinic ?

All the medical records and reports that are uploaded and are stored in HIPAA compliant Amazon Cloud services. All access is login and password protected for individual account use. Doctors can access whatever is shared with them explicitly by their patients. Medical or personal Data is not shared with any third party . XpertClinic platform is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) compliant and is developed by a ISO 13485 certified company.

6) Will XpertClinic bring me more patients ?

XpertClinic provides you with your own, unique Social Media Kit. This gives you unparalleled ability of outreach ( Click & Connect) to new and existing patients. Please refer to for more details. Once connected, you will also be featured on our own website for referrals patients . With the help of the Social Media Kit you’ll have the tools to grow your care network exponentially.

Get XpertOnline to consult with your patients online in a secure and confidential manner. It’s your own personalised app to stay connected with your patients. It has your name, you branding and as your virtual clinic, it can augment your face to face practice.

WhatsApp is an open platform for general use. Not only is it unsecure, it also exposes your number to the patients. Patient’s health records and reports are scattered over several messages which is a nightmare to track and manage. It is also sometimes awkward for the doctor to monetize free advice given on WhatsApp chats.

Connecting with your patients through a secure & private online consultation portal is a more secure and confidential  way to give professional medical advice. XpertOnline does NOT expose your personal number to the patients, has a built-in payment gateway and is personalized.

A lot of patients may not need to come to the clinic after their initial face to face consultation. Routine follow ups for chronic ailments, showing of repots etc. can easily be done online.

There may also be times when your patients are unable or simply unwell to visit the clinic in person. On such occasions, XpertOnline can help you to stay connected with them for any medical consultation, treatment follow-up or a second opinion.

All the medical records and reports that are uploaded on the app are stored and protected by Amazon Cloud services. Nobody can access patient data except the patient themselves. Doctors can access whatever is shared with them. Data is never shared with any third party. XpertOnline platform is also Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) compliant.

Xpert Online is not a general-purpose app. It’s a Web App, which means it can be used on mobile phones, personal computers and iPads seamlessly, like a web portal, with functionality like an app.  You can upload your medical/dental scans like X-Ray, CBCT etc. and reports, pictures and videos that may be stored on your PC, directly to the app.

Xpert Online app is NOT available on any app store/play store. You can get it in the following ways:

  • Doctor or their admin share the app link directly with the patientswhen following up on enquiries
  • From a friend who is already using this app, and wants to recommend our experts to you
  • You may download  the linkfrom your doctor’s website and  social media pages as they make it available.
  • Download the app of your favourite doctor from our website

Xpert Online is absolutely free to install and use. You pay only when you take a paid consultation service.

You can record a voice or video message for the doctor where you can explain your problem in detail. Xpert Online allows you to record a video or take snaps instantly and share with your expert for initial assessment, treatment follow-up and tracking progress. This can save a lot of time both for you and your doctor and make your face to face consultations more effective.

It is always advisable to provide as much information as you can to your consulting doctor to ensure an accurate assessment of your healthcare/dental needs. The data captured in the consultation form (if applicable) as well as the medical and family history that you provide in your profile page will help the doctor give you correct advice.

You will get a notification whenever the doctor responds to your query. The doctor may send you a report or a chat message or an audio/video message. Notification will be sent as an SMS and also as an audible app notification alert along with a visible marker on the top left corner of your app screen. Once you have read and cleared all notifications, the bell will once again be replaced by the Xpert Online logo.

For an ongoing consultation, you can contact the doctor o his clinic/admin by clicking on ‘contact’ or the ‘phone’ icon from the left menu. You have the option to ‘chat’ with the doctor or ‘call’ their clinic/admin. You also have a Contact option when you download your reports .

You can contact them directly to know about your consultation status. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Contact’ or ‘phone’ icon from the left menu.

No, nothing can be shared with the doctor without your explicit permission. You can upload any medical record in your app, to maintain your online PHR (Personal Health Records) so that they are easily accessible whenever you need them, especially when you are on travel. But only the files , specifically selected by you are  shared with your doctor,  when you Start an online  consultation. Not all your files may be relevant for your dental treatment. Storing a report  on your app does not mean that your doctor has full access. Just the ones you select and share.

You can upload any kind of medical record that you feel may be useful to you for accessing online from anywhere ,anytime. Xpert Online provides separate folders to segregate the records as Doctor’s Reports, Prescriptions, Lab & test Reports, Large DICOM files like CBCT, Snaps & Videos and Medical Scans like simple x-ray images , STL files  etc. You can organise and manage your records using the easy filing system that is provided as part of your app.

No, all medical data are stored in separate folders. You can add your child/parent as a ‘family member’ in your app and then start a consultation on their behalf. Their personal health records (PHR ) would be stored and maintained  separately and would be visible only if you select their view. If you have added several family members like minors and seniors who are dependent on you, you would always know whose records/reports you are accessing as the family person’s name would always appear on the top left corner of your app screen.

Yes, you can share your app link with your friends so they too can connect to your favourite doctor. Only the app link is shared. Your personal information and records are not.

You have a ‘Help’ icon on the left-hand side menu. You can call or chat with our support team instantly on our dedicated WhatsApp support line for any technical help. For all other consultation related enquiries, please contact the doctor or their clinic/admin directly using the Contact icon.

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