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Digital Clinic

For Doctors & Healthcare Clinics

For Doctors & Healthcare Clinics

Transform your email ID or website
into a personalised telemedicine clinic in < 24Hrs

Your Speciality • Your Brand • Your Logo •  Your Personal URL

Provide Personalised Online &
In-Clinic Care From One Platform

Customised reports& prescriptions (MCI Compliant)

Online Patient EMR anywhere/Anytime

Built-in cloud PACS

Custom Workflows & Templates

Secure/Interactive video consultations

Built-in Calendar, Billing & Payment

Your Patients Will Be Happy Too!

Consult From The Comfort Of Their Home
Avoid Crowded Waiting Rooms. Travel For Treatment Only When Needed.
Personal Health Vault
Patients Track & Monitor Their Own Health. Have Medical Records Available 24x7, Even During Travel.
A Digital Clinic For The Whole Family
Consult On Behalf Of Minors & Dependent Family Members. 3-way, Multi-location Video Consultations.
A Private & Confidential Digital Clinic
Secure And Reliable . The Next Best Thing To Visiting Clinic In Person
Digital Word Of Mouth
Patients Can Click & Refer Their Favourite Doctors To Friends & Relatives

Find out how you can expand your network and

Take your access to patients to a new level with XpertClinic

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FAQ - Doctors

XpertClinic is a Digital Clinic that can be Personalised for the individual needs of Doctors and Healthcare Clinics. It is ideal for Blended Healthcare Delivery i.e. a mix of online and in-clinic services. Whether  you are starting new or already have an established practice, XpertClinic provides you with a personalised  digital platform for your in-clinic and online patients.  This includes  MCI compliant reporting & prescriptions, EMR, billing and payment, video consultation and practice calendar  . It even has a built in cloud PACS in case you require radiology and DICOM Imaging support.

We personalise XpertClinic to your clinic requirements on branding, service names and types of services, reporting and prescription templates and payment gateway settings. We also provide you with your unique and personalised URL Link which can be used on your website, social media posts,

QR code or simply as a signature link on your email. XpertClinic allows you to set your own calendar availability , patient consultation slots and service pricing both for national and international patients.

XpertClinic provides  full cloud based  EMR capabilities that allows 24 x 7 access to patient and clinic  data  .This also includes

  • Chat archive of all the conversations done with the patient
  • All medical data  that patient may have shared with you
  • Any personal notes or video recording that you may have made during your consultations
  • Storage of data up to 7 years. Extensions can be requrested.

XpertClinic also allows you to ‘Import’ relevant medical records from any existing system you might be using as needed.

XpertClinic allows you to track all the transactions including payment and consultation status on a dashboard, real time. You can even download reports for your reference if required as a CSV file. It also allows you to generate and send the invoice directly to patients. You may also log into your payment gateway account for additional details.